Project: Emotional Jewellery – for mindful living

Research diary: 17/04/19 My current explorations in sensory design have taken me towards colour and our emotional relationship with it. So, this morning I am researching why sweet companies use the colours that they do and the psychology behind it. Dr Charles Spence of Oxford University writes in his article called “the psychological impact of […]

Intensive interaction:

Earlier this year I was designing an interactive therapeutic light. Based on this ground breaking technique called intensive interaction. Here’s a small video I created to explain how it works. (long pause at the beginning but the video does continue )

Autistic Debt

Originally posted on Late to the Autistic Party.:
If I grew up in a jungle, quite free and alone (I dream of this often), I don’t think I’d know that I’m autistic. I’m certain I wouldn’t have a clue. When I’m walking through a park, I don’t feel autistic. When I’m curled up in my…