Chantal Spencer – Designer/Maker

I am a Designer/Maker nowadays, but in my previous existence, I worked with a range of vulnerable people.All with varying needs, from newborn to palliative care for the elderly. Those years have given me an insight into the fragility of human kind, how at so many points in our lives we are completely at the mercy of the kindness and care of others. This insight has shaped me not only as a human but also as an artist.

My life experiences have given me a drive and a focal point for my work. I design for Disability. I want to help people live full and happy lives with the things that I make.

I also make to bring joy to myself, so you’ll see a lot if weird and wonderful things on my Instagram (c.spencer3d) or facebook (cspencer3d) page.

I suffer from PTSD ,severe depression and anxiety. I also have a 20 cm abdominal hernia, severe sciatica and hyper-mobility. All of these conditions mean that I exist a very painful life.

But… My disabilities are mine, I am not theirs.